Social Life

Great people and an array of events and activities mean RAF personnel balance work and play perfectly.

Making New Friends

The RAF is full of people who come from all walks of life but are on the same wavelength. That’s a great platform on which to build strong bonds and friendships.

Regulars are never far from a familiar face and Reserves tell us it’s the people who make their time here so special. As well as forging new friendships, friends from outside the RAF are always welcome on base.

Getting Involved

The RAF attracts people who want the most out of life, so there’s always something going on. There are social events held every night in the bars and clubs on base. Additionally, most bases are close to major towns, making it easy to hang out there outside regular working hours.

Social events, including barbecues and formal dinners, are also put on for Reserves and their friends and family.

Camaraderie unique to the Armed Forces

The bond that RAF personnel develop is unique. This becomes clear in not only how you work together, but also how you socialise with each other and grow.