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Media Operations

Media Operations Airmen are the voice of the RAF. They support media operations officers and HQ Air Command with the delivery of national and international communications campaigns to make sure the RAF’s stories are communicated correctly and fairly.

Typical responsibilities:

  • Produce articles for magazines and newspapers, as well as audio and video packages
  • Support media operations officers with planning communication campaigns
  • Conduct evaluation of communication campaign outcomes
  • Support the RAF’s social media team with its online presence

Similar civilian roles include journalist or public relations executive.

To apply for this role please use the ‘Media Operations Officer’ role where required.  The role of Media Operations Officer is only available for individuals who have served as a Media Operations Airman and have met the internal eligibility criteria.

RAF Regulars and Reserves work side by side.

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Key Facts

Spare Time Reserve

Spare Time Reserve

Initial pay after training

Day rates dependent on rank, role and experience

Entry level



27 days per year for 12 years minimum. Each year includes at least 6 days’ collective RAF Media Reserves training at weekend parades, with the remainder made up through training and actual media tasks. Personnel are encouraged to commit to more than 27 days, subject to availability, in order to work on media projects.

The possibility of being deployed to a UK or overseas base for up to 6 months after the first year.


502 Sqn Aldergrove Flying Station, Co Antrim (Ltd vacancies)
611 Sqn RAF Woodvale, Merseyside (Ltd vacancies)
614 Sqn Cardiff, Glamorgan (Ltd vacancies)
7644 Sqn RAF Halton, Buckinghamshire (Ltd vacancies)

In the RAF

My Role

'My role is Media Operations Airman in the RAF Reserves. I joined in 2015 to try something new and challenge myself.

In my civilian life I work on national marketing campaigns for a major military charity, so it was great to find an RAF role that fits my experience.

My reservist career has been an exciting journey so far. I’m part of a brilliant team and we’re given incredible opportunities to travel around the world and promote the RAF’s work.

I’ve experienced Service life on a tough training exercise, and reported on the RAF’s biggest public event - the Royal International Air Tattoo. It’s been amazing to see the RAF’s people and aircraft in action and I’m looking forward to the next opportunity.’

My Day

'In my day job I am the web editor for one of the UK’s major military charities. My RAF experience was certainly a big factor in getting the job. The two roles complement each other well; I’m always gaining knowledge I can apply to both jobs.

Every day I serve brings me new challenges and experiences. I’ve been given a lot of responsibility very early on for the RAF’s voice in the media, working on news stories and national public relations campaigns.

I enjoy my reservist role regardless of the benefits, but knowing that the experience boosts my civilian career is a great bonus.’

Sophia, Media Operations Airman


Spare Time Reserve

Spare Time Reserve


Your training will start with a Basic Recruit Training Course (BRTC) consisting of 4 weekends at your chosen RAF Reserves Squadron, followed by a 15 day residential training course at RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire. This training course will prepare you for service life in one of the most respected military forces in the world; it is also designed to help you tune into the military environment and way of life. As well as military training, you will learn about the core values, code of conduct and history of the RAF, as well as its unique lifestyle. 


After successfully completing initial training, you will receive specialist continuous professional development training to bring your civilian skills in line with the RAF’s approach to media operations. Initial training includes 8 days on the Mobile News Team Course, where you will learn how the RAF, Army and Royal Navy work on media operations.


Spare Time Reserve

Spare Time Reserve



You must have a minimum of GCSEs at Grade G (Grade 1 to 3 with effect from Aug 17) in English Language and Mathematics or SCE Standard Grades at Grade 6/Scottish National 4 in English and Mathematics.

In addition you must be currently employed, self-employed or studying (academtic vocational) as a journalist or PR practitioner, and be able to provide a portfolio of published material demonstrating an ability to produce compelling PR copy or journalism. You must be able to demonstrate impeccable written English.

To apply for this role please use the ‘Media Operations Officer’ role where required.  The role of Media Operations Officer is only available for individuals who have served as a Media Operations Airman and have met the internal eligibility criteria.


18-54 (must attest before 55th birthday)

RAF Requirements

To join the RAF you will also need to meet fitness, health, nationality, residency, and other criteria detailed below.