Learn to establish, maintain and protect the networks that underpin the RAF. As a Cyberspace Communication Specialist, you’ll be trained from scratch to work with some of the world’s most cutting-edge technology.


As a CCS there are all sorts of jobs you could be involved in. Working across our cutting-edge ICT network you’ll be vital in providing effective air power through training in any of these areas: 

  • Maintaining the RAF’s cyber defence networks
  • Deploying tactical communications systems to anywhere in the world
  • Developing and implementing cutting edge software solutions
  • Setting up communication and control systems for operations and exercises
  • Providing support and administrate servers and mission support systems for aircraft
Royal Air Force - Regular & Reserve

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Holiday Entitlement
30 days + bank holidays

Initial pay after training
Rising to £45,000+

New applicants could also be eligible for a £5,000 joining bonus.
Details can be found here.

Rent from
£27 p/m






Royal Air Force - Regular & Reserve


Living on base is a unique experience. Rent starts at as little as £27 a month including utility bills. Alternative accommodation on and off base is also available at lower rental costs than the UK average.

Mess (room only) from £27p/m
2-bed house (other ranks) from £80p/m


You will receive excellent private healthcare and dental care. Not only is this a free service, but it’s readily available at a moment’s notice.


Every base has free sports facilities. The RAF’s physical training instructors are also available to offer training advice and tips for staying fit.


Whether you decided to live on or off base your travel costs will be significantly lower with travel allowances and discounts for you and your family.


Eating well and staying healthy are important parts of daily life in the RAF and we offer well balanced meals at a subsidised price.

£33.53 per week
for 3 quality meals a day


While you live on base you will pay a heavily reduced council tax.

RENT FROM £24p/m

The RAF offers a free pension which you don’t have to pay into. The size of your pension will depend on your length of service and rank on retirement.


In the RAF you will be encouraged to continue developing and will receive free training as well as an annual allowance towards new qualifications.


My Life as a Cyberspace Communication Specialist


"CCS is a really wide trade with lots of opportunity. I work on the High Readiness Team.

We provide initial comms for guys on the ground so they can make contact with the UK and set up base themselves.

We have to be ready to deploy to anywhere in the world within 12 or 24 hours, depending on the scenario. Scenarios can vary hugely, I recently came back from deployment in the British Virgin Islands, where we were helping with the hurricane relief effort.

When we get the call, we have to sort medical checks, stock up on food and get our equipment ready. This includes tents for accommodation and the equipment we need to set up our initial comms, which is basically a satellite dish and phone."

Royal Air Force - Regular & Reserve


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I'm aged between 16 and 35.


GCSEs at Grade C/4 (For Scotland SCE Standard Grade 2/Scottish National 5) or equivalent in Maths, English and an approved Science/Technology based subject. If you do not hold an approved science or technology subject, you can still apply if you have the required maths and English grades.


To meet RAF nationality requirements, you need to be one of the following: British citizen, British national, British/Dual national, Commonwealth citizen, Irish Republic national.

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