Red Arrows

Full display sequence

Display sequence 2016

Innovation is a key to the success of the Red Arrows and the team’s display routine changes each season, carefully choreographed by the Team Leader. There are three types of display – full, rolling or flat – and Red 1 decides which one to fly at an event depending on the weather. The full display is 24 minutes in duration, featuring a first half of synchronised formation aerobatics followed by a more dynamic second half.

Across this page you can see ribbon diagrams, showing each of the formations of the full display flown in 2016.

This year, there are many new features, including the team’s arrival at a show. Called the Wall, it is the widest Red Arrows formation flown in recent times and rapidly transforms into the closest of all of the team’s shapes – its trademark Diamond Nine. Another new move celebrates 25 years of continual operational service of the RAF’s Tornado force and displays two of the team’s Hawk jets rolling around the rest of the team. Also, there is the Double Goose move, which presents seven aircraft in a pyramid formation while the Synchro Pair – Reds 6 and 7 – fly right through the middle, at a closing speed of 750mph.

Diagrams of full display sequence 2016

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