Red arrows flying during a display with coloured smoke


Since 1965, and by the end of the 2017 season, the Red Arrows had flown almost 4,900 displays in 57 countries worldwide.

The display seen by millions of people every summer is the result of nearly eight months' intensive training each year.

The majority of this practice is completed during the winter months at RAF Scampton, Lincolnshire.

Training allows the pilots to perfect their three different types of display, which are flown depending on the weather conditions of a show location.

In this section, you can learn when training flights are taking place, how a display is flown, where shows are scheduled and see some of the formations used in a performance.

Display programme 2017

2016 9 ship Goose

Find out where the Red Arrows displayed in 2017.

Full display sequence 2017

2017 full display

Diagrams showing each of the formations of the full display in the Red Arrows' 2017 season.

Flying a display

Red arrows flying over the sea

Reds 1 to 5 form the front section of the team’s formation, known as Enid, and Reds 6 to 9 make up the rear part, called Gypo.

2017 transit times

Red Arrows in transit

Find out where the Red Arrows team are flying from to reach their display sites.

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