Creating the Union flag tailfin

Creating the Union flag tailfin

The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, has revealed a new Union flag-inspired design on its world-famous jets.

Tailfins on the team’s Hawk aircraft have received the fresh look, reflecting British excellence.

The makeover will be seen by millions of people every year, when the Red Arrows display both at home and overseas.

Complete with flowing red, white and blue lines, the design emphasises the team’s important role as a global ambassador for the United Kingdom and Royal Air Force.

In this gallery, you can see work taking place at RAF Scampton, the team's home, to apply the new livery on two jets.

Also, you can see the stunning new design painted on another of the Red Arrows' aircraft.

The images were taken by Red Arrows team photographers SAC Adam Fletcher and SAC Craig Marshall.

MoD/Crown Copyright 2015.

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