2016 Red Suits


All nine Red Arrows display pilots are fast jet pilots from frontline Royal Air Force squadrons.

Once they have finished their three-year tour with the team they will return to their Royal Air Force duties.

In this section, you can learn more about their backgrounds, operational experience and what it takes to be a Red Arrows pilot.

There's also chance to learn about the special suits the pilots wear to fly, as well as the latest video blog from the team.

What it takes to become a pilot

Flying position of the Red Arrows 9 pilots

Find out what it takes to become a Red Arrow pilot.

What a pilot wears

Red Arrows survival equipment

See the survival equipment the pilots wear when flying.

Latest video

The jets leave for Springhawk

A day in the life of an Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic in the Royal Air Force Red Arrows Squadron.

Meet Red 1

2017 Red 1 Green suit

Find out about the RAF career and aircraft flown by Red 1, Squadron Leader David Montenegro.

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