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The administration team work tirelessly to ensure plans runs smoothly so the team can display. Headed by the Team Manager and Adjutant, and supported by Sergeant Mick Moran and a Senior Aircraftman, they act as a focal point for the entire team. The department works to coordinate everything from the booking of accommodation to organising leave passes. The Team Manager is also responsible for publishing a schedule known as WHAM, which stands for What’s Happening According to the Manager. It’s distributed to everyone on the team and the document contains details of where everyone has to be and very precise timings, often down to the minute. Nothing is left to chance.

Team Manager - Squadron Leader Cate Driscoll

Sqn Ldr Cate Driscoll

Cate returned to the Royal Air Force at the beginning of 2015 as a full time reservist with the Red Arrows. Prior to returning to the Service, she worked for the Citizens’ Advice Bureau as a gateway assessor on the Lincolnshire advice line. Cate attended Queens Park High School in Chester and completed her undergraduate degree in sociology at Warwick University. Originally, Cate joined the RAF in 1996 as a logistics officer. After initial officer training she was posted to RAF Boulmer as Officer Commanding Mechanical Transport and Supply Contract Manager. On completion of her first tour she undertook the Officers Movements course at RAF Brize Norton and was subsequently posted to UKMAMs as a team leader and, although based at RAF Lyneham, she spent the majority of her tour overseas supporting the deployment of the air transport fleet. She was involved in Operation Barras prior to being deployed to Sarajevo for four months to work in the NATO HQ as the air movements specialist. On return she was posted back to RAF Brize Norton to the Air Movements School in charge of the initial air movements course for the new airmen coming from RAF Halton. At the start of Operation Telic she was detached to Kuwait to work firstly as a liaison officer to USAF and then in the Air Movements Cell. Cate was then posted to High Wycombe as the logistics expert for the planning of fast jet exercises around the world. She was selected to study for an MSc in transport planning and management prior to becoming responsible for chartering all of the MOD’s charter aircraft. Cate’s final posting in the regular forces was to 1 Air Mobility Wing as Officer Commanding Headquarters Squadron. Cate left the RAF in 2012 to work for London 2012 during the planning of the Olympics and from there she took a post at Heathrow as the programme manager for the Procurement Department’s transformation programme.

Adjutant - Warrant Officer Alan Irons

Alan Irons portrait shot

Alan attended Kent School in Hostert, Germany, and White House Grammar School in Cumbria. He joined the Royal Air Force in 1980. He joined what is now known as the Personnel Support trade and was posted to HQ Strike Command. In the mid to late-1980s he experienced the Cold War in Germany with tours at RAF Gutersloh and RAF Bruggen. He served at eight UK and three German units before promotion to Warrant Officer. His final tour as a member of the regular Royal Air Force was MOD Corsham as unit Chief Clerk responsible for all aspects of Tri-service personnel support. He left in 2012 after 32 years of service. Alan returned to the RAF as a Full Time Reservist with the Red Arrows. Alan’s partner is Lynne-Marie.

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