2016 Support Team

Support team

It is the hard work of the Team’s support personnel that keep the Red Arrows flying.

The teamwork shown by the pilots in the air is reflected in the dedication and professionalism of the support staff on the ground. The support team’s success results from their Royal Air Force training, the pride they take in their work, and their determination, motivation, and, very often, sheer hard work. Without them, the Red Arrows could not function.

This team is made up of a Team Manager, a Supervisor (Red 10), a Public Relations Manager, two Engineering Officers, an Adjutant and approximately 85 engineering technicians and other support staff.

The latter are known as ‘The Blues’ because they wear distinctive royal blue flying suits during the display season. The Blues represent nine out of the Royal Air Force’s broad range of more than 65 technical and non-technical trades. Every team member has undergone intensive training in their particular specialisation throughout their Royal Air Force career.


RAFAT Administration

The administration team work tirelessly to ensure plans runs smoothly so the Team can display.

Flight operations

Map and paperwork used in Flight ops planning

Flight operations is responsible for all aviation planning and coordination of the Red Arrows.

Engineering management

Engineering Management

The team's technicians are led by a Senior Engineering Officer, supported by two other officers and a Warrant Officer and Flight Sergeant.


2016 Circus Team

Meet the 10 aircraft engineering technicians who are chosen each year to form a team known as the Circus.

Engineering - the Blues

Engineering - the Blues

The are more than 100 ground staff in the Red Arrows, including skilled engineers and technicians, and who are known as the Blues.

Public relations

Public Relations

The Red Arrows public relations team is responsible for the overall PR strategy for the Red Arrows.

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