In order to deliver the Royal Air Force Vision we must develop our speed and accuracy in analysing and delivering effects, underpinned by innovative and imaginative solutions resulting in reliable and effective decision-making at the lowest appropriate level.

Strategic Priorities for the Royal Air Force over the next 5-10 years are to:

  • Support current operations
  • Maintain and further develop an agile, adaptable and capable expeditionary air power contribution to the UK's overall Defence capability, which takes full account of emerging threats, concepts and technologies
  • Improve the accuracy, speed and coherence of our ability to deliver effects across the battlespace by developing and exploiting the UK's network enabled capability
  • Introduce Typhoon into operational service and, as swiftly as possible, provide the aircraft with a robust all-weather multi-role capability
  • Harmonize our air power capability, concepts and doctrine with those of the US Forces
  • Ensure our structures, organization and processes deliver rapid and accurate decision making at the lowest appropriate level
  • Provide a world-class flying and ground training system and improve through-life education and training to produce well-motivated, highly trained, agile and adaptable war fighters
  • Develop a sustainable manning and personnel strategy that supports the RAF's expeditionary capability and takes account of the prevailing social environment
  • Improve the quality of the RAF’s operational, technical and domestic infrastructure
  • Optimize investment in the RAF by delivering the outcomes of the Defence Airfield Review, further exploiting the benefits of the Defence Logistic Transformation Process, building a strong relationship with Industry, and eliminating waste and bureaucracy across every strand of RAF activity
  • Further enhance the image and reputation of the RAF with the public as a means of maintaining their enduring support and meeting our recruiting requirements
  • Improve our people's ability to clearly articulate the contribution that air power - and the RAF - makes to UK Defence
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