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2019 Pay Award

After consideration of the AFPRB’s latest annual Report, the Government has decided to accept their recommendations in full.

This will see:

• A 2.9% increase to all pay rates (including Medical and Dental Officers), deliverable in September salaries and backdated to 1 April; and

• An increase in the starting salary for trained Other Ranks (OR 2-1) to £20,000 p.a.;

Full details, including additional pay updates and accommodation charges, can be found in the Directed Letter on the MOD's SharePoint Site (internal users only). Meanwhile, there are some Q&As below

Q. What is my pay rise?

A. All personnel up to the rank of 1-Star will receive a 2.9 per cent increase to pensionable pay, with the exception of those in receipt of Other Ranks starting salary (OR 2-1), who will receive a 6 per cent increase to £20,000 p.a.

Q. Why were the trained Other Ranks starting salaries (OR 2-1) increased to £20,000?

A. In recent years the National Living Wage has been increasing faster than the annual pay awards. To mitigate this and to aid recruitment, the starting rate for trained Other Ranks is being increased to £20,000. Rates for the remainder of the Other Ranks (OR 2-2 upward) will increase by the pay award rate of 2.9 per cent.

Q. When will I see this in my pay packet?

A. This pay award will be delivered alongside September salaries and backdated to 1 April 2019.

Q. Why was there a delay to this year’s Pay Award?

A. The Government asked all public sector Pay Review Bodies to submit their Report containing their recommendations in May, which was later than the traditional submission for the Armed Forces. This has allowed all public sector pay awards to be considered by the Government together, rather than spread over a longer time period.

Q. Will the increase to starting salary be backdated?

A. Yes, as with the general pay award, the starting salary will be delivered alongside September salaries and backdated to 1 April 2019.

Q. Who gets the pay award?

A. All Armed Forces personnel up to the rank of 1-star, including those under training and within the Reserves, will receive increased rates of pay as a result of the pay award. The salaries for senior officers above the rank of Brigadier or equivalent are the subject of a separate Review Body Report. Accommodation Charges

Q. How much are accommodation charges going to rise?

A. For those in Single Living Accommodation, the rise (which includes the increase in charges for electricity, water and lighting) will vary from between one and eight pence a day, and for those in Unfurnished CAAS Service Family Accommodation, the rise will vary from between zero and nineteen pence per day (all dependent upon Type, Band or Grade of accommodation occupied).

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