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AFCAS 2021

The Armed Forces Continuous Attitude Survey (AFCAS) is now out for completion by selected Service personnel and we want to hear from you.

AFCAS is one of the main ways the Department gathers information on the views and experiences of Armed Forces personnel.

The information collected from this survey helps shape policies for training, support, and the terms and conditions of service.

AFCAS - Who can complete it?

A different selection of personnel are chosen to complete the survey each year, to ensure that a representative view of the Armed Forces community is captured. This year nearly 28,000 personnel have been selected.

Unsure if you've been selected to complete AFCAS?

Armed Forces personnel can check whether they have been selected, using the Continuous Attitude Survey Eligibility Tool (the Tool should be opened using Google Chrome).

On using the tool, personnel who have been selected to complete AFCAS will be directed to their service’s questionnaire. Those who haven't will be offered a set of AFCAS questions so their views can still be considered.

AFCAS - How do I complete it?

Personnel who have been selected to complete AFCAS, will have been sent an email containing information on how to access the survey. Paper copies of the survey will also be sent to select personnel over the coming weeks, allowing those without easy access to DII/MODNET to complete the survey.

Personnel are free to choose which version of the survey - electronic or paper - they wish to complete.

Further information:

When accessing AFCAS, personnel will be asked for a token - this is the individual's service number which is case sensitive (as in JPA).

Personnel should use the Google Chrome web browser to complete the survey.

Using Internet Explorer 8? Please switch to using Chrome if you can.