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What accommodation choice is right for you?

From September 2019, the new pilot for the Future Accommodation Model (FAM) will be rolled out to three military bases, starting with HMNB Clyde, then Aldershot in January 2020, and RAF Wittering in May 2020. If you are happy in your current Single Living Accommodation (SLA) or Service Family Accommodation (SFA) at RAF Wittering don’t worry, you don’t need to take any action. However, if you’d like to consider renting or buying a home in the local area with support from MOD, FAM makes this possible. So, what are your next steps?

First, you must be eligible for FAM. This means you:

· need to be in Regular or Full Time Reserve Service (Full Commitment)

· are already based at RAF Wittering with 12 months or more left on your posting, or have an assignment there of 12 months or more during the pilot

· have 4 or more years of service

Second, there’s lots of information to help make the accommodation choice that’s right for you. Visit GOV.UK and search ‘Future Accommodation Model’ to watch the FAM videos and read more about your options. Watching the videos and reading the information will help you make your choice. You can also access Discover My Benefits (search ‘Discover my Benefits’ on GOV.UK) to see what payments and allowances you could receive. This will give you a personal calculation for FAM.

Third, if you decide you want to change your current accommodation and you want to rent then you will need to complete an Accommodation Preference Form (APF) in JPA from 31 May 2020. If you want to buy a house then you do not fill out the APF, instead you’ll need to take your legal paperwork to your Unit HR. If you choose to stay in your current SLA or SFA then you don’t need to do anything.

If you are assigned to RAF Wittering with a report for duty date before 31 May 2020 then you will be allocated accommodation in line with current policy. You will have the option to make a different choice once FAM goes live, along with everyone else on that pilot site. If you’re assigned with a report for duty date on or after 31 May 2020 then you will need to make your choice about what kind of accommodation you want to receive. You will be able to submit your APF from 1 March 2020, which means you will be able to plan and move in to your new accommodation smoothly in advance of your start date.

The Future Accommodation Model gives you more choice over where, how and with whom you live. What will you choose to do? Find out more at www.gov.uk/futureaccommodationmodel.

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