Flexible Working

From 1 April 2019 the law will change to allow Regular personnel of the Armed Forces to apply for Flexible Service and work part-time and/or restrict their separation from home base, subject to operational need.

The Army and the Royal Air Force can apply for a Flexible Service arrangement from 1 February 2019 and the Royal Navy can apply from 1 April 2019. 

Flexible Service introduces new opportunities for Regular members of the Armed Forces to work part-time for an agreed period, reducing work routines by 20% or 40% - equating to one or two days in a five-day working week, It also offers opportunities to restrict separation from home to no more than 35 days a year. This can be combined with part-time work.

Details of how to apply will be made available in the New Year.

Applications can be made for any reason but are limited in length to no more than three years continuously and no more than four years total in a 12-year rolling period. The arrangement can be varied, suspended or ended if needed. Flexible Service is not guaranteed to those who ask and operational capability will come first. While most benefits are unaffected, it is only right that pay, pension and, in the case of part-time working, leave are reduced proportionately.  

Flexible Service is not for everyone but it offers more choice to a broad cross-section of the Armed Forces. It provides a new opportunity to balance busy committed careers with personal responsibilities and changing circumstances. Flexible Service fits in with the broader range of Flexible Working and Flexible Leave types already available to personnel. Further details are available in the booklet below:

Flexible Duties Guide

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