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Let the RAF Families Federation Brighten Your Day

The RAF Families Federation and the Annington Trust have come together to provide additional support to the RAF Family with a special new fund to help make things easier in lockdown. 

The RAF Families Federation, kindly supported by our friends at the Annington Trust, invite applications for funding from all members of the RAF Family (Regulars, Reservists, Single & Married personnel and their families) for items that could brighten their day or make things easier during this unprecedented time of Lockdown and Social Distancing due to COVID19 restrictions. Either apply yourself, or nominate someone else in the RAF family that you want to recognise.

You might want Board Games, Books, Garden Games; One-off subscriptions; wi-fi extenders – or a bunch of roses! The list is not exhaustive and the Families Federation will consider applications in support of a range of items.

If you would like to apply for funding, please email the RAF Families Federation at this address by 22 May 20:

RAF Families Federation


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