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Making a Will

Service personnel are reminded of the importance of making a Will. 

Whilst the making of a Will is a personal responsibility, personnel should be aware of the importance of making a Will not only when preparing for deployed operations but also as part of their normal Service routine duties. A Service person can make a Will, either by using the MOD Form 106 or privately.

Why is a Will Important?

Due to the nature of operations and the risks of Service life, it is recommended that all Service Persoonel have a Will. Wills can distribute your property, name an executor, name guardians for children, forgive debts and more. Having a Will also means that you, rather than your state's laws, decide who gets your property when you die.

Type of Will

If a Service Person decides to make a Will they can either choose to use the MOD Form 106 (Basic Will Form for SP) which provides a template for a basic Will or they can choose to make a Will privately; no advice will be given by Unit HR staffs with regard to recommendations for a Solicitor or content of the Will.

Personnel who wish to make a Will privately can be directed to The Law Society - Find a Solicitor:.

Alternatively, a number of Military charities offer advice and can signpost SP to solicitors who may be able to draw one up for free, through the National Wills Network. These include:

The Royal British Legion -

Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA)

Storage of Wills

The MOD provide a free facility for SP to store their Wills. Details are available in DIN 2018DIN01-091, which is available through MODNET (internal users).



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