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Partner Career Support Programme

The Career Transition Partnership (CTP) have launched a brand-new Partner Career Support Programme – providing exemplary career support to spouses and partners of members of the UK Armed Forces.

Whether you’re already in employment, have been out of work for some time, or are based overseas and are looking to understand your suitability for a UK based role, the programme aims to help you find a future career that suits your individual needs and experience. Better yet, the programme will be entirely accessible online, meaning you can begin planning for your dream future career, from anywhere in the world, at a time and pace that suits you.

Your support will be flexible to allow you to understand your career path options and develop the confidence to progress along your desired career path, all while still having time to meet the demands of Service and family life.

Your next steps

If you interested in participating in this fantastic programme, as long as your partner has been in regular, FTRS or MPGS Service for at least four years and is still in service on 1st April 2021, the CTP would love to hear from you! Please click on the image below for more details:



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