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Recruitment into the MPGS

There are several ways to join the MPGS: as a Tri-Service transfer; as a ‘re-join’ into military service; from the Reserves as a transfer or also on a FTRS(LC).

The MPGS provides physical security at Ministry of Defence (MOD) sites and establishments. It is a growing organisation spanning 106 locations within Great Britain and offers opportunities for a full career up to age 60. It recruits from across all three Services, Regular and Reserve. Its key roles are to: 

Provide overt armed and unarmed static sentries and an Initial Reaction Force (IRF) in order to detect and prevent unauthorised intrusion to Defence sites. 

  • Control of access and egress from military establishments and the issue of passes. 
  • Conduct vehicle, baggage, building, area and personnel searches. 
  • Carry out incident control procedures. 
  • Issue, receive and safeguard arms, ammunition and explosives.

MPGS personnel serve on a Military Local Service Engagement (MLSE) contract for a renewable term of 3 years. It offers most benefits* associated with military service, including the allocation of SFA and SLA; ILA in accordance with JSP 760; and, full medical and dental cover.

*MLSE SP are classed as non-mobile and not eligible to certain entitlements.

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals may enlist into the MPGS if they are over 18 years of age but less than 57 years of age on the date of transfer/enlistment.  

Transfer from across Tri-Service 

Applicants are to have served for at least 3 years in HM Forces; with at least three months remaining on their current engagement and have a minimum Joint Medical Employment Standards (JMES) grading of Medically Limited Deployable (MLD). Entry into the MPGS is also open to recruits leaving the Army for medical reasons after Phase 1 Trg due to the lower Medical Employment Standard of MLD. This is in addition to personnel who may have opted for early discharge after Phase 1 Trg. Applications are to be made through the RCMO to the APC who, in consultation with Occupational Health and the current vacancies list, will assign successful applicants to a duty station. 

‘Re-Join’ into Military Service

Ex-regular personnel from the RN, Army and RAF may apply to join the MPGS.  Applications will be considered from personnel who have been out of military service for a maximum of 6 years for all ranks, and up to 10 years out for those that have held the rank of Cpl or above. The current ‘re-join’ Policy can be found in AGAI 40 (internal users).

Full Time Reserve Service (Limited Commitment)

Army Reserve personnel who wish to apply to support the MPGS on a FTRS(LC) commitment must have completed Phase 1 & 2 Army Reserve training; be in date all MATTS; have at least three previous SJARs with a minimum performance grade (OPG) of a ‘B’ or above; have a minimum medical grading of MLD; should have a BMI index of <32kg/m2 and a Body Composition Measurement 15 (BMI in combination with waist circumference) of not more than ‘Increased Risk’; and, have a full UK driving licence and fewer than 8 penalty points on their licence. Applications can be made via the Reserve Assignments Opportunities List.


All successful applicants who join the MPGS are expected to undertake the Defence Guarding Specialist (DGS) Course held at DSPG. This course is the baseline requirement for MPGS to fulfil their duties irrespective of previous service or experience. There are opportunities for site specific continuation training including incident management, emergency security procedures, environmental spillage, health & safety and defensive search. Individuals selected for key appointments will receive further specialised training, such as Dog Handler, Kennel Manager, Instructor and Site Commander.

Career Management

The MPGS section of APC provides all career management processes for the MPGS including assignments, SJARs, promotions, terminations, contract reviews and renewals, transfers and ‘re-joins’.    


MPGS service is pensionable for all Regular and Reserve personnel.  Pension benefits and abatement mechanisms are complex; therefore, DBS should be contacted for detailed personal implications. 

MPGS Point of Contact

11. For further information contact HQ PM(A) MPGS Branch on 01264 381431 or 01264 381536 or visit: www.army.mod.uk/agc/provost/1242.aspx.

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