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Teaching Remembrance

The Royal British Legion (RBL), as the national champion of Remembrance, has a key role in ensuring that Remembrance is understood and available to every child and community in the UK – ensuring that we pass the torch of Remembrance to the next generation. To enable this, they have created a range of learning materials for Key Stages 1-4 for children to enjoy in the classroom and at home.

These come in a variety of formats, from book clubs and lessons to assemblies and arts projects. Teacher and parent notes accompany these child-focused resources to ensure their relevance both in the classroom and at home. Created in partnership with the National Literacy Trust and others, the resources work alongside the curriculum, enabling teachers, parents and families to bring Remembrance to life.

In this unique and challenging year, these resources support the wellbeing of children by giving them the space to explore their experiences and feelings of the Covid-19 pandemic, drawing parallels between now and the Second World War generation, highlighting the relevance of Remembrance to today.

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