A baptism at St Clement Danes


As such it is a Service Chapel and it does not have a Parish in the normal sense of the word. However, it is still possible to marry at St Clement Danes or be Baptised. Everyone enjoys the right to marry or be baptised in their Parish Church, if however, you worship at a church on a regular basis and wish to marry there, this 'liberty to marry' is usually possible to arrange with the help of the Clergy.

Those who die in service are remembered shortly after their death during a celebration of the Holy Communion and family members are often present. Once a year in November a memorial service is held for all those who have died during the past year and families are invited to attend. This is a most moving occasion and has helped many people in their grief.

Photographic Exhibitions

Travellers' Exhibition

Space available in the Crypt!

Commemorative services

Detail of main stained glass

Commemorative services coming up

Baptisms and weddings

Detail of cherub

Baptisms and weddings

Choral events

View inside towards altar

Choral events

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