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Joining a University Air Squadron (UAS) gives you the opportunity to learn to fly as well as offering a huge range of sporting, leisure and leadership training activities that no other university society can match.

By participating in the wide range of training that we offer – in unusual and testing conditions, on the ground an in the air, at home and abroad – you will learn many new things about yourself and face many mental and physical challenges. As a UAS Cadet you will learn how to be an effective team player, you will develop your confidence and learn lifelong leadership skills to help you succeed once you graduate. Most importantly, you’ll be given the opportunity to lead and supervise in a benign learning environment. What's more, our training is accredited by both the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), so you can take away an internationally recognised qualification that future employers will understand.

UAS training is structured around your academic programme. The minimum annual commitment is to attend training nights roughly once a week during term time as well as two weeks of continuous training during vacations. You will also have the chance to do a least 10 hours flying each year. The initial engagement is usually for 2 years and most UAS Cadets enjoy it so much that they stay for the full course but there is no obligation to stay and you can resign at any time and for any reason. Although the UAS is a military organization it does not train people to go to war. We hope that having seen the variety of challenging and exciting career opporunites on offer that you might choose to join the RAF or the RAF Reserves afterwards but there is no requirement or obligation for you to do so. However, if you pass the RAF officer selection tests and receive a Bursary you will remain on the UAS until graduation. Those Bursars selected to hold positions of responsibility on their UAS may also undertake a short training course at the RAF College to be commissioned as Acting Pilot Officers.

With all this on offer competition is fierce for the limited number of places available each year but we select purely on merit. Whatever your background, if you meet the eligibility criteria and think that you have what it takes, we'd like to hear from you.

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