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Liverpool University Air Squadron (LUAS) is a group of around 65 university students who are members of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. These students receive instruction on various military and civilian subjects ranging from flying to public speaking. They are required to attend 30 training days per year, although the majority attend much more than this. The students wear Royal Air Force uniform for the time they are on duty and hold the rank of Officer Cadet. Like most reserve forces they receive pay for their duty days.

In addition to the students, a permanent staff of six runs the day-to-day operations of the Squadron. They are the Commanding Officer, Chief Flying Instructor, Ground Training Instructor, and an administrative staff led by the Adjutant.

University Air Squadrons

There are 14 University Air Squadrons spread throughout the UK, each one linked to several universities in the vicinity of it's station.

They were set up as early as 1925 by Lord Trenchard,the 'Father' of the modern Royal Air Force to provide free flying training for university students as a recruitment and training tool.

The University Air Squadrons (UASs) are located throughout the United Kingdom, drawing their members from the universities and colleges in their region.

The squadrons now fulfil a dual role, providing opportunities and training for both potential Aircrew and Ground Trades.

A structured programme of initial military flying training is available for those members who demonstrate an interest in following a flying career in the RAF. A support basis for those members who wish to join the RAF in one of the many available Ground Trades is also provided.

The squadrons are organised, controlled and administered by the Director Elementary Flying Training (DEFT) at the Headquarters Elementary Flying Training (HQ EFT) based at RAF Cranwell, on behalf of the RAF.

The University Air Squadron Mission is to provide a practical link between the RAF and universities, thereby promoting an interest in the RAF and an understanding of the Services' role as an instrument of Government policy. The University Air Squadron tasks to support this mission are:

  • To provide flying training to high calibre undergraduates who might join the RAF or the RAuxAF.
  • To provide RAF experience and adventurous personal development and leadership training to better prepare UAS students for service in the RAF or any other career path.
  • To administer, and supervise, RAF sponsored undergraduates; and to encourage their motivation towards the Service and their development as junior officers.
  • To raise the profile of the RAF and project a positive image of the Service through UAS members to other undergraduates, university staff and the wider civilian community.

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