LUAS Adventurous Training

LUAS uses adventurous training as a valuable medium in which to improve student team and personal development as well as gaining invaluable AT qualifications and experience. This is coordinated and run by the Sqn GTI (Ground training Instructor) who is a qualified ATI (Adventurous Training instructor).

The activities covered on the JSAT scheme (Joint Service Adventurous Training) are as follows: Winter and summer walking and climbing, kayak and canoeing, mountain biking, caving, skiing, sub aqua, parachuting, hang and paragliding and offshore sailing.

The GTI will try to organise at least one major overseas and one minor UK based Expedition a year as well as distributed training to award students with some of the basic AT qualifications. There is nothing stopping you gaining your own AT qualifications be going to a Joint Service level 4 centre, then organising your own Sqn AT trips away with the help of the Sqn GTI, who will help you to stay within JSAT guidelines.

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