UGSAS-Grob Tutor History

LUAS Flying


Every student enrolled into the UAS will be entitled to 10 hours of free flying every year. It will be the decision of each individual whether they use this to learn to fly, with the prospect of flying solo or purely use it to experience the various aspects that light aircraft flying has to offer.

If you decide to learn to fly the Grob Tutor 115E then you will receive expert instruction from a Royal Air Force Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI) who will endeavour to use all of his experience in order to teach you the fine art of light aircraft flying. If this is the route you decide upon then you will be faced with some fairly demanding challenges, following a set syllabus (see below).

Should you overcome these challenges, not only will you have accrued 30 hours of flying which may be used, in part, towards the completion of a civilian Private Pilots License, but you will have undoubtedly gained a fantastic sense of achievement in doing so.

Our Aircraft

LUAS fly the Grob G115E, commonly known as the "Tutor". It is a two seater, propeller driven, and fully aerobatic aircraft, complete with an enhanced avionics suite specifically designed as a basic training aircraft.

Flying Syllabus

If the decision to follow the flying syllabus is made, then the student can expect to complete the following sorties:

  1. Familiarisation 0:30 (dual)
  2. Effects of Controls 1 0:45 (dual)
  3. Effects of Controls 2 0:45 (dual)
  4. Straight & Level 1 0:45 (dual)
  5. Straight & Level 2 0:45 (dual)
  6. Climbing & Medium Turns 1:15 (dual)
  7. Climbing Turns & Glide Descents 1:00 (dual)
  8. Stalling 1 1:00 (dual)
  9. Stalling 2 1:00 (dual)
  10. Circuits 1:00 (dual)
  11. Circuits 1:00 (dual)
  12. Circuits – First Solo 0:30 (dual) 0:05 (solo)
  13. Circuits - Dual/Solo 0:30 (dual) 0:30 (solo)
  14. Circuits - Dual/Solo 0:30 (dual) 0:30 (solo)
  15. Circuits - Dual/Solo 0:30 (dual) 0:30 (solo)
  16. Practice Forced Landings 1 1:00 (dual)
  17. Practice Forced Landings 2 1:00 (dual)
  18. Dual Sector Recce 1:00 (dual)
  19. Solo Sector Recce 0:30 (solo)
  20. General Handling 0:50 (dual)
  21. Solo GH 1:00 (solo)
  22. Introduction to Instrument Flying 1:00 (dual)
  23. Solo GH 1:00 (solo)
  24. Basic Instrument Flying 1:00 (dual)
  25. Solo GH 1:00 (solo)
  26. Navigation 1 1:00 (dual)
  27. Solo GH 1:00 (solo)
  28. Navigation 2 1:15 (dual)
  29. Navigation 3 1:15 (dual)
  30. Navigation 4 1:15 (dual)
  31. Solo Navigation 1:15 (solo)

Once the student has completed this core syllabus, they are issued with the Preliminary Flying Badge. At this stage they can progress to formation, aerobatics and low level navigation.

Alternatively you may decide to use your hours to experience such things as aerobatics, low level navigation and much more. All of these different disciplines will provide you with an exhilarating and unsurpassed experience, which you will struggle to find elsewhere.

Other Flying Opportunities

Squadron membership also opens doors to trips in other RAF Aircraft. This may be a trip in a Hercules, Tucano, Sea King, or even a Hawk or a Tornado. Each year you will also get the opportunity to detach yourself to other RAF bases, on a Summer Vacation Attachment to shadow a full time RAF officer in a branch of your choice. Lasting a week, you will live on the RAF base working closely with personnel within your branch. You could see behind the scenes of a real multi-engine, helicopter, or fast-jet squadron or dive into one of the engineering sections. You have the opportunity to shadow any section of the base.

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