LUAS Force Development

With Liverpool University Air Squadron (LUAS) you will have the opportunity to learn about the military skills which are required for a career within the Royal Air Force.

You can learn to use weapon systems such as the L85A2 service rifle and the Browning 9mm service pistol. There will be possibilities to develop your leadership skills, personal fitness as well learning basic survival in an infantry environment with members of both LUAS and other UAS squadrons.

Each year there is a UAS shooting competition at National Rifle Association camp at Bisley allowing you to practice and enhance marksmanship. There are also three exercises each year, known as the “Strike Exercises”, giving students the opportunity to experience basic infantry life in intense and demanding scenarios.

There are many more opportunities to experience the Force Protection element of the Royal Air Force with Liverpool University Air Squadron. This training is open to all members of the University Air Squadrons, and will allow you to take part in activities that few others can experience.

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