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LUAS Socials

LUAS prides itself on being able to enjoy the social side of life very well. The core of the squadronis its members, and socials provide the perfect way to get to know each other. There are many events throughout the year, from nights on the town to the more formal and traditional functions. RAF Woodvale’s proximity to Southport gives an ideal place to go following a ground training night to relax and enjoy after a weeks studying.

One of the first functions a student will attend on the squadron is the weekend of induction, where fancy dress is the only dress. The events are usually held in our Mess Bar at RAF Woodvale, which provides the perfect place for some good music and a great atmosphere. There are numerous charity events also held here.

The formal functions held are similar to any current RAF Squadron, with an Annual Dinner, Graduation Dinner, and the Station Summer Ball and Christmas Draw. While there is a formal side to these, they still are usually the best and most loved events on the Squadron.

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