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MASUAS Adventurous Training

OC Reeveley – IC Adventurous Training

Adventurous training is a massive part of squadron life on MASUAS – also one of the most rewarding! As IC AT, my role is to put MASUAS members through Joint Service Adventurous Training courses that all three branches of the military use to develop their personnel. To elaborate, adventurous training in the military is designed to develop you physically and mentally. Robustness, communication skills, team building skills and leadership skills are all vital assets a recruit must have to join the Royal Air Force and are encouraged in the JSAT courses that are available to MASUAS members. JSAT courses range from Sky-diving to deep sea diving and are a great way to gain qualifications in activities you already participate in or are there for you to give a new hobby you are interested in a good go! MASUAS students have participated in Ski trips to Italy and Canoeing and camping through Sweden in the past 9 months alone and there are plenty more trips being planned, including rock climbing in Malta.

As well as the Major expeditions that will be available to you, we also conduct minor expeditions that are held in the UK on three of our camps (Winter, Easter and Summer). Surfing, Coasteering, Mountain-biking, water rafting and sailing around the English Isles on your own sail boat are only a few of the activities that are available to you on our camps.

If you require any more information regarding Adventurous training on MASUAS, then please pay MASUAS a visit at your Fresher’s recruitment day. We look forward to seeing you lead your own expedition soon.

OC Coase – IC Sailing

MASUAS has many opportunities for sailing. We run expeditions throughout the summer months for everyone to gain experience being out on the water. Most of our expeditions are run in the Solent, near Portsmouth. We run an RYA Day Skipper and Competent Crew course every year so that students who want to take the lead on expeditions have the opportunity to do so. The sailing expeditions on the squadron are often one of the highlights of the summer, having the opportunity to relax whilst taking part in adventurous training.

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