MASUAS Charities

MASUAS Charity

    We are looking to continue partnership with Leonard Cheshire, Freshfields, last year we held numerous events with the staff and residents and raised over £1000 for the home.
    In addition, this year we are looking to raise money for the RAFBF and also the North West Air Ambulance amongst others to build on the £2500 that we raised for our charities last year.
    Other charity projects included gardening work with Friends of Rotten Row in Southport, Woodvale and Ainsdale Community asssociation and also some voluntary work at the NMA, all of which has been very humbling.
    Continued voluntary work with the Narrowgate night shelter in Manchester has proven to be a huge success and valuable experience.
    We are also very honoured to be one of the only UAS’s invited to work at RIAT.
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