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OC Sam Haydock – IC Flying

Students on MASUAS have the amazing opportunity to fly five days a week at RAF Woodvale, which is on the coast near Southport. There are currently three qualified instructors who can teach you a 36-hour syllabus, this is based around Elementary Flying Training (EFT) which is used to train all regular RAF pilots. This syllabus ranges from learning the basic controls of the aircraft to flying aerobatics and formations. The main aim of flying on the squadron is to give you the knowledge and confidence to be able to fly solo, which definitely an experience you should aspire to achieve. This can then be progressed into flying navigation flights around the North West and Wales, with the eventuality of doing it solo. To do this you are allocated 10 hours of flying per year, with the opportunity for more if it is available. The twin seat, fully aerobatic Grob 115E (Grob Tutor) makes an excellent training aircraft for all, as it is simple to understand with the new ‘glass cockpit’ instruments and easy to fly with the basic controls.

Those students with sufficient training are then able to compete in the Reid Trophey, which is a yearly flying completion between; Manchester, Liverpool and Yorkshire University Air Squadrons. Here students are marked on their ability to fly circuits, aerobatics and technical knowledge of the aircraft.

Flying on the squadron takes place almost every week of the year, and on the Winter and Summer Camps, it is open to everyone on the squadron although you don’t have to follow the training syllabus as you can request experience flights to enjoy the local area and do some amazing aerobatics.

Overall it is defiantly an experience you should not pass on.

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