Force Development

MASUAS Force Development

OC Ibrahim - IC Regiment

As IC regiment, I’m the first point of contact for MASUAS from RAF Cranwell for anything to do with Field craft exercises. It is then my job to make sure everyone is aware of upcoming opportunities such as role playing exercises, Range camps or Stike Ex’s and make sure I can get as many of MASUAS members on as many field craft opportunities as possible. Furthermore, each summer – MASUAS take part in the gruelling Tough Mudder exercise which consists of 28 obstacles of just short of 12 miles. It is a hard task; both mentally and physically, yet it is a test of endurance and teamwork which are two of the assets needed to have a successful career in the Royal Air Force. Nevertheless, MASUAS students enjoy the opportunity to work as a team and improve their own skills through these kind of experiences.

Force development (FD) is essentially team-building activities that are military in nature. In the UAS this can be broken down into two categories, Regiment FD and Staff rides.

Regiment FD encompasses the basic military skills every member of the RAF covers during their basic training. We do three major courses, Range camps, STRIKE EX and some short militarisation training at the beginning of your service.

Range camps

Range camps are five days long and occur four times a year. Within this time you will be trained on the L85 and take part in several target shoots including an inter-UAS competition at the end of the week. There is no obligation to attend one of these, but it is advised.


STRIKE EX is the name used to represent four exercises we conduct over the summer. Each of these is ten days long and includes six days training and two and a half days of ‘deployment’. This will teach you a little bit about how to live and fight as part of an infantry flight. These are often extravagant exercises, and in the past there has been access to Chinooks, Pumas, Merlins and even Tornado fast jets to assist in the training.

Militarisation courses

This is a two day course in which you are introduced to military life. You are given brief lessons about basic drill, the L85 Rifle, and taught about Equality and Diversity in the RAF.

The only Regiment FD requirement for an Officer Cadet in the UAS is to attend a two day militarisation course and a STRIKE EX. But many find they enjoy this side of the RAF and do far more than just that.

Staff Rides

These are trips to locations of particular importance to the RAF, with the aim to improve the Officer Cadets knowledge of key historical events involving the RAF and the role of Airpower in the past and compare to current Ops. In the past we have been to the beaches of Normandy (main picture), Berlin and Washington DC to improve our understanding of the role of the RAF.

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