MASUAS Easter Camp 2015

MASUAS Recruitment

Joining MASUAS

We will be starting are recruiting activities again week commencing 19 Sep 16, with formal interviews starting 23 Sep 16. Please see below for the locations of our recruiting teams. If you are interested in joining and you fullfill the eligibility criteria then please contact the sqn for further advice on the recruitment process.

· Manchester University - Oxford Road, outside the Student Union.

· Salford University - On Campus, outside the Student Union.

· Manchester Metropolitan University (Manchester Campus) - As per Manchester Uni.

· Manchester Metropolitan University (Crewe Campus) - Please email for details.


Full details of eligibility to join a University Air Squadron can be found at THIS LINK ( Eligible students should be undertaking a full-time degree course at one of the three universities listed above. Students who are completing a foundation course prior to starting a full-time degree course are not eligible, but may apply when they start a full-time degree course. The minimum time remaining on a student’s degree course should be at least 2 years, which excludes any academic years that may be devoted to a vocational placement outside of the university environment.

Membership enquires

We welcome enquires about joining MASUAS before our main recruiting drive commences. To register interest in joining our squadron, please contact the MASUAS Adjutant by email at We can then keep you up-to-date with forthcoming opportunities to join MASUAS.

What happens next?

Eligible students who are interested in joining MASUAS will be provided with an initial interview so that we can get to know you. Following that, we can offer you a more detailed interview at a later date within your university campus. The interview process is not arduous and should be considered as good experience for the kind of interview that students may face later in their chosen career.

Candidates who are offered a further interview will be provided with advice on how to prepare themselves for this second interview. Finally, successful candidates will be offered a first-year position on MASUAS and commence the induction process to join the Royal Air Force (Volunteer Reserve) as a University Air Squadron Officer Cadet.

Enlistment and status

If successful through all aspects of the selection process, you will join MASUAS with the rank of Officer Cadet. University Air Squadron membership carries no obligation for you to join the Royal Air Force, on the other hand the Royal Air Force is not obliged to offer you a commission at the end of your membership. Whilst students are members of our squadron, we will do our best to demonstrate the many positive lifestyle aspects and unique opportunities that are offered by a career as an officer within the Royal Air Force.

As an RAF(VR) member you will be subject to Royal Air Force law and will be expected to behave in a way that will not bring the Royal Air Force into disrepute. Your university air squadron membership will be terminated if you fail to make satisfactory progress, or if you decide the University Air Squadron is not for you then you may resign at any time without any further obligation.

Joining the Royal Air Force and obtaining sponsorship

Many students are so attracted by the lifestyle that they decide to apply for sponsorship to help them through their degree, or apply for direct entry into the Royal Air Force upon graduation. This necessitates a visit to OASC (Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre) at RAF College Cranwell. Those successful in applying for sponsorship may be offered a Bursary in exchange for a commitment to take a short-service or permanent commission after leaving university. Officer Cadets serving with MASUAS are provided with specialist advice and support on how to apply through OASC for a Cadetship or Bursary. Further information on this matter may be obtained through an Armed Forces Careers Office or by visiting the RAF Careers Website.


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