OC Maloney – IC Ents

MASUAS ENTS. Getting to know the other Officer Cadets is often one of the main reasons why so many recruits enjoy squadron life. Regarded (by members of MASUAS) to have the best social calender of any of the University societies there is never an excuse needed to celebrate with a few drinks but there many opportunities provided. Most Town nights are followed with a trip into Manchester to have an informal catch-up and to learn more about any visiting RAF guests (often wanting to relive their UAS hayday). Aside from this, the Squdrons Ents team organise a few nights every semester for socials on the weekend to avoid any sore heads during lectures with recent successes (albeit not financial) at the dog-track racing and an evening bbq on a Cornwall beach. There are three official RAF dinners at the RAF Woodvale Officers Mess every year that allow Officer Cadets to experience part of the social life of a serving Officer and appreciate how important promoting comradeship is to modern military life. With there being almost 60 Officer Cadets on the Squadron there is of course a diverse set of students with different personalities and backgrounds and it is partly due to this that we feel MASUAS is such a great team. Socialising outside of duty is not only great fun but also promotes a warm atmosphere that allows our close-knit group to support each other and welcome in new recruits.

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