MASUAS Balti Win


OC Josh Pattison – IC Sport

Sport is a major part of UAS lifestyle as we conduct sessions every Tuesday night at trinity sports centre. We often begin these sessions with football. Due to a range in footballing experience, we begin with a range of footballing drills to improve overall skills. These skills can then be applied in the 25 minutes five a side games at the end of the session. In addition MASUAS also compete in a yearly competition called the Balti. This is an inter-UAS football competition held at RAF Cranwell in April.

OC Barber – IC Swimming

This year I am in charge of the swimming aspect of MASUAS. So far this has entailed organising training sessions once a week and also putting together a team for the upcoming competition in February. So far in the sessions I have been coaching techniques and skills whilst also hoping to improve general confidence in the water. Recently we have also moved on to dives and tumble turns which have been a big challenge for some however with the amazing dedication shown by the squadron everyone has now attempted a dive off of the block! We are now hoping that even after the competition the swimming training will continue considering the high level of enthusiasm shown already.

OC Palmer – IC Fitness

Good fitness is a vital part of life in the RAF; at MASUAS, the sport and AT we take part in wouldn't be possible without strong fitness. UAS students are expected to meet the same standards as full-time personnel, so MASUAS run weekly fitness sessions to keep everyone’s ability where it needs to be. On camp, fitness sessions are run daily to push all of our students even higher – this usually culminates in ‘Battle PT’, a special session run along Formby beach. Fitness sessions are hard work but they are also a good team-building exercise for the whole squadron. Students have the opportunity to put their fitness levels to the test at the annual ‘Super-Teams’ fitness competition, attended by all 14 UAS, or at other competitions such as cross-country and swimming.

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