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Liverpool University Air Squadron


Welcome to the Liverpool University Air Squadron (LUAS) websiteand thank you for taking an interest in the Squadron. LUAS is a Royal Air ForceVolunteer Reserve unit for students from Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores, EdgeHill, Central Lancashire, Lancaster, Bangor and Chester Universities.

Our aim is to attract high quality undergraduates and assistthem in developing their leadership, management and organisational skills. Tofacilitate this we provide an extensive programme of sporting, adventurous and socialevents, throughout the UK and abroad. Recent overseas expeditions have includedmountain biking in Iceland, climbing and mountain biking in the Italian Alps,skiing in Italy, and fact-finding visits to historical sites in Germany, Polandand Malta.

Our home base of RAF Woodvale, situated between Formby andSouthport, is where the organisation for such events takes place. The onlylimit to the content of these events is the imagination of our members.

LUAS also provides the opportunity for students to undertakestructured flying training with Royal Air Force instructors using our Tutor T1aircraft based at RAF Woodvale.

Many of our members go on to enjoy extremely fulfilling careersin the Royal Air Force, but irrespective of our students’ subsequent pathsthrough life, the skills that they develop at LUAS serve them extremely well.For those students intent on joining the Royal Air Force, LUAS is able toprovide advice and assistance to maximise a candidate’s chance of passing therigorous selection process.

If you think that you would like to devote some of your sparetime away from academic study to become a member of the Squadron and participatein the wide range of activities on offer, please come and find us at Freshers’Fair at the University of Liverpool or Lancaster. Alternatively, get in touchthrough social media.

Squadron Leader Rob Hurcomb

Officer Commanding Liverpool UAS

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