MASUAS Sqn Photo

Manchester and Salford Universities Air Squadron


MASUAS is a Royal Air Force sponsored organisation which aims to promote an understanding of the RAF, its ethos and values amongst the student community. We do this by teaching Leadership and Teamwork qualities through Adventurous Training, Sport, Flying and Force Development. The range of activities is broad enough to interest people from a wide variety of backgrounds, illustrated by our members. You will participate in all aspects of these activities, from attendance and involvement through to concept and organisation.

We are looking for people with high moral and physical courage who are reliable, responsible and confident. You will soon respect the achievements of those students already on the sqn and your commitment will be rewarded by similar respect for yourselves as you become more involved. We have our own airfield, club and accommodation, sports facilities and a full team to serve you.

There is no commitment to join the RAF. The only commitment you will have is to your peers and MASUAS as we maintain our excellent reputation as one of the most fun, rewarding and activity driven organisations at your university.

Squadron Leader 'Jak' Rolfe

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