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"Welcome to Oxford University Air Squadron (OUAS). Formed in 1925, OUAS was one of the first University Air Squadrons and has a significant place in RAF history, boasting two Victoria Cross holders amongst its ex-members. Just prior to World War II the sqaudron was an important source of pilots for the RAF during the Battle of Britain. At that time members of the squadron were called up for active service in the middle of studying for their degrees.

OUAS now exists as a training unit within the Royal Air Force and primarily provides basic flying training, force development and adventurous training to undergraduate students at the universities of Oxford, Oxford Brookes and Reading. The main role of the squadron is to provide a taste of life in the service and give experience to its members so that they can make an informed decision on whether to take up a career as an officer in one of the many branches of the RAF .

Members are expected to attend training nights, usually on a weekly basis, as well as attending several annual training camps at the squadron's home base of RAF Benson. Flying training is conducted on the Grob 115E 'Tutor', a modern carbon-fibre aircraft. The core flying syllabus of 31 sorties loosely follows that of RAF Elementary Flying Training and students generally fly ten to fifteen hours per year. Students can also progress to the 'advanced' syllabus during which they will be trained to do solo aerobatics, solo close-formation and solo low-level navigation. Flying training is supplemented with ground training, force development training and adventurous training both in this country and abroad. Members are considered part of the RAF Volunteer Reserve and most students hold the rank of Officer Cadet, which has the status and privileges of an Officer. Some may obtain commissions in the RAF Volunteer Reserve, in the rank of Acting Pilot Officer. Medicine and Dentistry students, on obtaining a Cadetship, are commissioned into the RAF in the rank of Pilot Officer.

OUAS is also the parent unit to No 6 Air Experience Flight which provides experience of flying to Air Cadets.

For a detailed look at what the squadron does over the year see 'A Year in the Life of OUAS'

I hope you enjoy this 'tour' of the squadron and if you feel inspired to join us then please don't hesitate to get in touch"

Squadron Leader Penny Grayson

Officer Commanding Oxford University Air Squadron

2017 Recruitment

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We're recruiting in September 2017. Watch the video in the meantime to find out if OUAS is for you.

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Tutor flying over Oxford

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