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SUAS - Flying

Each student enrolled into the UAS is entitled to 10 hours of free flying every year. It will be the decision of each individual whether they use this to learn to fly, with the prospect of flying solo, or purely use it to experience the various aspects that light aircraft flying has to offer. Flying hours not used by a student can be interchanged with other squadron members to add to their allocated 10 hours.

We fly a fleet of modern, fully-aerobatic Grob Tutor 115E training aircraft from our base, MoD Boscombe Down. You will receive expert instruction from a Royal Air Force Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI) who will endeavour to use all of his experience in order to teach you the fine art of light aircraft flying. If this is the route you decide upon then you will be faced with some fairly demanding challenges in a flying syllabus like this. Advanced modules in areas such as formation flying and low level navigation are also available to students upon completion of the main syllabus and the award of the Preliminary Flying Badge (known as "Budgie Wings"). Instructional flying on the UAS can be used towards the completion of a civilian Private Pilots Licence, as well as giving a fantastic sense of achievement.

Students can, however, opt out of the instructional syllabus and use their hours for Air Experience Flying, to experience such things as aerobatics, low level navigation and much more. All of these different disciplines will provide you with an exhilarating and unsurpassed experience, which you will struggle to find elsewhere.

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