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SUAS - Force Development

Force Development encompasses a range of activities andskills that are designed to develop desirable skills in future RAF officers andalso to introduce SUAS members to unfamiliar aspects of the military. The UASsystem is now focussed on the following skill sets in order to recruitindividuals who are:

  • Military minded and of a courageous and determined fighting spirit
  • Mentally agile and physically robust
  • Politically and globally astute
  • Technologically competent
  • Capable of understanding and managing inter-personal relationships
  • Flexible, adaptable and responsive
  • Willing to take risks
  • Able to handle ambiguity


Service ties are also encouraged through numerousTri-Service events with the other university military units throughout theyear.

Following studies in 1994, The Chiefs of Staff announcedplans to maximise a common understanding of the approach to warfare and defenceas a whole, consistent with the increasing importance of the joint, combined,multinational and inter-agency nature of future operations.

In this moderntri-service environment, the Royal Air Force is not the only service providingtraining and opportunities to university undergraduates. Those keen on pursuinga career with the Royal Navy or with the British Army have the opportunity tojoin Southampton University Royal Naval Unit and Southampton University OfficerTraining Corps respectively. An important part of our training is to liaisewith our sister services through Tri-Service sports events, socials and visits inorder to gain a better knowledge and awareness of the roles that the RoyalNavy, the British Army and their respective personnel have within the UK'sArmed Forces.

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