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There are 14 University Air Squadrons (UASs) operating the Grob Tutor 115E aircraft at 12 regional sites throughout the UK.

The UASs are responsible for delivering 60% of the RAF's new pilots each year, as well as training sponsored and Volunteer Reserve (VR) students of all officer branches. Incorporated within the UASs are the Air Experience Flights (AEFs) which provide flying experience for Air Cadets.

UASs were set up in the 1940's as a recruiting aid for the RAF, mainly so that the educated people of the country would join the RAF as opposed to the Officer Training Corps, (Army) which had been set up many years earlier and had begun to expand rapidly.

The main objective of the UASs has not changed much since it was conceived, offering flying training to student members along with many outdoor activities, whist developing such officer qualities as leadership, confidence, teamwork and initiative. In the past, flying training was only open to those students who had been accepted on the squadron as aircrew member, however recent changes have meant that flying training is open to all students, albeit on a smaller structured syllabus that works students towards a civilian Private Pilots License (PPL). The syllabus is also identical to the Elementary Flying Training (EFT) that RAF pilots receive at RAFC Cranwell.

Life in any military organisation is different to anything you will get in any other walk of life. Although much of your time will be spent at University, you will find that the rest of your time can be spent at the UAS. While your degree is obviously the priority, the UAS is a big commitment and can be demanding, but anyone that has spent time on a squadron will agree in saying that it is one of the most beneficial and satisfying organisations that a student can belong to.

As well as gaining an insight into life in the RAF, being on a University Air Squadron is an opportunity to learn to fly from the best training in the world, free of charge, while improving your individual personal skills. Best of all however, you make some of your closest friends.

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