UWAS - Squadron Activities

All training on the Universities of Wales air squadron provide an opportunity for students to participate in challenging activities that promote personal development. The training is not only designed to develop personal attributes and skills vital to the operational capability of the armed forces, but also skills vital for civilian occupation, these includes sections like leadership, teamwork, initiative and most importantly determination to succeed no matter what the challenges we face. Below are the squadron activities you should expect to participate in during your time with the squadron.

To find out more about our squadron's activities, please click on the links below.



Over ten hours of flying training undertaken by most students, a step away in achieving a private pilot licence.

Adventure training


Squadron organised adventure training includes mountaineering, sailing, canoeing, and many more, students have also taken part in courses globally.

Force development and Nijmegen marches


Force development opportunities include Regiment strike exercises, an inter UAS shooting competition, staff ride, and nijmegen marches.



We take pride in sports and compete in a variety of different diciplines including rugby, volleyball, football, rowing, and many more others.

Charities and community engagements


We have our local communities interest at heart, and every year we try to raise funds for different charties locally and nationally.

Social functions


We host an array social events throughout the year. This ranges from an MOD St Athan Officers' Mess dinner to casual events like our notorious graduation ball.

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