02 May 2014

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On Friday the 2nd of May UGSAS travelled to Garelochhead Training Camp near Faselane and Garelochhead to undergo the Scottish Garelochhead 2 day marches. The Scottish Garelochhead Marches (SGM) is a Tri-Service military event for units wishing to qualify for the Nijmegen 4 Day International Marches. Aswell as UGSAS at this event the event included participants from Switzerland , Denmark, Germany, Norway, and even Liverpool University Air Squadron.

After staying the night in Garelochhead accommodation the team set off the first day, a hike of around 40km up and down the hills next to Garelochhead and close to Loch Lomond. As per the Nijmegen rules the male members of the team each carried 10kg of sand in there webbing, with water and food on top of that to see the day through. The day included 3 rest stops, with one serving a well-deserved hot meal. 40km later the team was knackered and slightly broken.

The second day followed the same pattern with an early wake, followed by breakfast then straight out to march. However this time the team started in slight disrepair. A lot of sweat, tears, injuries and trips to the medical tent later the team made it and all qualified for the Nijmegen marches which will take place on the 15th - 18th of July this year.

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