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Celebrating excellence in sustainability

The Royal Air Force Air Cadets are thrilled to announce the winner of the 2024 RAFAC Environmental Awards as 25 (Parkwood) Squadron, Kent Wing. Their outstanding commitment to environmental sustainability has set a new standard.

Embracing the essence of the Royal Air Force Air Cadet’s core values, 25 (Parkwood) Squadron's '25’s Sustainability Plan' showcased innovative initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions, fostering biodiversity and promoting sustainable living. Their pioneering 'Project Green Space' particularly stood out, bringing to life the importance of flora, fauna, and insects through creative endeavours like the Bug Hotel and Plant Walls.


Group Captain Al Lewis, Regional Commandant London & South East Region, commented on the award, "The dedication and innovation of 25 (Parkwood) Squadron are exemplary, marking a significant step forward in the RAFAC’s journey towards environmental responsibility." 

Squadron Commanding Officer, Flying Officer Luke Tyler, added, "This award is a testament to the hard work and passion of our cadets and staff, showcasing the impact we can make as a unified force for good."

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, let's draw inspiration from 25 (Parkwood) Squadron's journey towards a greener future. Their success demonstrates the power of collective action and the vital role of youth in shaping our world.