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RAF Air Cadets at Royal Carols

Are you watching the Royal Carols: Together at Christmas tonight (Christmas Eve) or maybe on catch up tv?

This is hosted by our Royal Patron and Royal Honorary Air Commandant, HRH Princess of Wales. Three of our cadets and one staff member were lucky enough to attend.

Cadets at the Royal Carols Concert

Cadet Hila said “The Christmas Service was amazing and was decorated very festively. There were singers and choirs entertaining us throughout the evening. Seeing the Royal Family was a first and it was very special for me to attend this carol service. It was a wonderful experience and it was nice to see what they were doing for children going through difficulties.”

Cadet Jerohins advised “It was a great Christmas concert, we got to see the Royal Family and a lot of officers from the British Armed Forces. There were many speeches and Christmas songs and the choir was also amazing. I'm absolutely over the moon at being selected to attend such a prestigious occasion. I feel very privileged indeed.”

Cadet Flight Sergeant Virdi said “The carol service was an experience that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. The whole night was well structured and there was enjoyable entertainment, one after another. The people that we sat with made it a great event. Receiving a letter with an invitation from the Royal Family is the best experience. Not a lot of people can say that!”

CI Lucy Hall, our Cadet Force Adult Volunteer representative, said “This was a great event and a real honour to be invited. We saw lots of famous faces, the cadets enjoyed it. We got a glimpse of how things are recorded for TV. The Abbey is beautiful too. A lovely way to start Christmas!”