Uniform tips - On excercise

Disruptive Pattern Material, or, DPM uniform is made of tough stuff. Designed to get scuffed, wet and muddy it can withstand months of constant use and mistreatment. In addition, it makes for excellent camouflage - on a dark night, all you need to do to avoid being spotted is stand still.

DPM is also known as your 'Greens' or 'Cabbage kit'. Some squadrons may be able to provide you with DPM kit, but if not you should have no problem finding it at your local military surplus store or on-line. Air cadets magazine also features some DPM kit suppliers and your squadron should be able to suggest a local shop.

What kit should I take on a fieldcraft exercise?

  • DPM trousers
  • DPM Smock (Jacket)
  • A DPM shirt or dark coloured t-shirt, preferably green
  • Black hi-leg boots
  • A wooly hat and gloves
  • Camouflage cream

A beginner’s guide to ‘Cam’ cream

Everyone has heard of camouflage or ‘cam’ cream. It comes in tubes or compacts that you rub onto your face, and as soon as you do, you become invisible! Well, not quite, but it’s a great addition to your kit when you’re trying to evade the ‘enemy’.

Cam cream should be applied with the objective to disrupt - that means using variation. Aim for a tiger stripe look and make sure your entire face is covered, including your forehead, neckline and behind the ears. Be careful when applying around your eyes as cam cream contains insect repellent which can sting.

There are some natural alternatives to cam cream like mud or wearing a balaclava, you’re advised not to use burnt corks though as there are some burn risks if not done properly.

Check out the Fieldcraft ACP for more details about applying cam cream.

Air Cadet Magazine

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Air Cadet Magazine

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