• Sqn Ldr Dave Montenegro

    Red 1 says 'Ask me Anything'

    RAF Red Arrows ‘Red 1’, Sqn Ldr Montenegro, is taking to the popular online community Reddit this afternoon, answering questions about the Red Arrows and promoting this year’s display season in the UK and overseas.

    Red 1 says 'Ask me Anything'

  • HRH Launches Air Cadet 75

    HRH Launches Air Cadet 75

    HRH the Duchess of Cambridge has launched a year of cadet activity to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the formation of the Air Training Corps (ATC).

    HRH Launches Air Cadet 75

  • Sqn Ldr Alfie Hall, 607 Sqn, at the Stalag Luft III memorial

    Exercise Long March

    Reservists based at RAF Leeming put on their walking boots to commemorate the 71st anniversary of the ‘Long March’ in Poland and Germany.

    Exercise Long March

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