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Easier registration and claims process for Wraparound Childcare

Since Wraparound Childcare (WAC) was launched in September 2022, Defence has been working on integrating the WAC registration, claims calculations and submissions in JPA to make it easier and simpler to use.  

We are pleased to announce that the new system will go live on Monday 19 February 2024. From that date, all WAC claims and registrations will be completed in JPA under the ‘My child allowances - WAC’ section.

What is WAC?

WAC provides funding for up to 20 hours of before and after school childcare to eligible Service families with children aged 4 to 11 years old. Find out if you are eligible by visiting Discover My Benefits.

What does this mean for me and my family?

For personnel and families that already have children registered for WAC:

  • Your child(ren)’s registrations will automatically be transferred to JPA on the switch over date of 19 February. You do not need to register again.
  • Your Service person will need to check that your child(ren)’s registration details have transferred correctly after the switch over.
  • Any children that are no longer eligible will be automatically de-registered from the scheme.
  • Claims via iExpenses (the current process) will continue until 18 February 2024 and will be paid within 5 working days.
  • Claims from 19 February 2024 will be submitted in the WAC area of JPA, be paid at the end of each month with the Service person’s salary and will be included on their payslip. Claims will be subject to monthly payroll cut-off dates. [Service personnel can check the dates on defnet].
  • It removes the need to complete a separate calculator as this is built into JPA. Personnel will be able to see the number of weeks they have remaining to claim and will be able to add or remove providers as required.
  • All current registered personnel will receive an update via email from the WAC team explaining what this means for them.

For personnel and families that have not yet registered but may want register in future:

  • To find out more about WAC and check if your family is eligible go to Discover My Benefits Army, RAF, Navy or Marines webpages.
  • There will be a freeze on new registrations from 31 January 2024 until the new process is launched on 19 February 2024.
  • If your Service partner registers between 19 February and the end of March 2024 they will be able to backdate their registration to 1 February 2024, subject to eligibility. WAC claims can only be submitted for childcare used from the date shown on the registration. If your family meet the eligibility criteria, encourage your Service partner to register now.

What can you do if you are the non-Serving parent?

Share this article with your Service partner.

  • Ask them if they are aware that the WAC process is changing.
  • Remind them to log onto JPA on 19 February to check the WAC registration information for your children.
  • If your Service partner is deployed, they will be able to check the registrations on their return. Make sure that you pay for childcare via your children’s Tax-Free Childcare (TFC) accounts so that if eligible, they can submit the claims on their return.

Where can you find further information?

Read the FAQs or families can visit the Discover My Benefits Army, RAF, Navy or Marines webpages or the HIVEs, RN FPS and Families Federations information sites.

Service personnel can also access FAQs and more information on the Defence Childcare Information Page on defnet or Defence Connect.

Have questions?

Personnel and Service families can email the WAC team at [email protected].

Look out for upcoming communications on the updates.