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Royal Air Force Music, based at RAF Northolt and RAFC Cranwell, incorporates:

Headquarters Music Services

Central Band of the Royal Air Force and the Royal Air Force Squadronaires

Band of the Royal Air Force College and the Royal Air Force Swing Wing

Band of the Royal Air Force Regiment and the Royal Air Force Shades of Blue

Royal Air Force Salon Orchestra

Band of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force

Our Mission is:
To provide optimum musical support for the Royal Air Force in order to enhance public perception, support State Ceremonial and achieve influence to further Defence and National interests.

Booking Enquiries

The committee can consider requests up to 12 months in advance of your engagement, therefore an early submission is recommended. Enquiries should be made through the Engagements Coordinator at Headquarters Music Services. They will present any requests to The Ministry of Defence Royal Air Force Bands Allocation Committee who authorise the allocation and execution of the engagement based on availability and Financial Categories.

Enquiry and Booking Form

Financial Categories Information

Contact The Engagements Coordinator Flight Sergeant Steve McGuinness

Email: RAFMS-EngagementsCoordinator@mod.gov.uk

Phone: 020 8833 8527


Current Vacancies:

Clarinet, Saxophone, Tenor Trombone, Percussion, Bassoon

For more RAF Music careers information please click here or contact Flight Sergeant Andrew Allott

Telephone: 020 8833 8289
Email: RAFMS-FSHQMS@mod.gov.uk

For further information on the application process or Recruit Training at RAF Halton please visit RAF Careers


For publicity materials contact Flight Sergeant Grant Charleston

Telephone: 020 8833 8752

Email: RAFMS-MCO@mod.gov.uk