The Royal Air Force Centre for Air and Space Power Studies (RAF CASPS) is an RAF think tank which focusses on the strategic and conceptual study of air and space power.  It seeks to: generate evidence-based academic research; provide strategic influence through coordinated engagement with think tanks, allies and other professional bodies in the defence and policy space; leverage the intellectual horsepower of external institutions and RAF personnel; and help inculcate a philosophy of learning and critical thinking within the RAF.


Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Shrivenham, Oxfordshire SN6 8LA

Officer Commanding

Group Captain Andrew Hetterley MPhil MA BA(Hons) RAF

Group Captain Hetterley joined the RAF in 1997 as an Intelligence Officer. He has served on operations in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and across the globe. At home he has worked at the Ministry of Defence, Joint Force Headquarters and the Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre. In 2016 he graduated from Cambridge University following the award of the Tedder CAS Fellowship. He became the Director of Defence Studies (RAF) in March 2020.

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