CAS' Air And Space Power Conference

The Directorate of Defence Studies works closely with the Air and Space Power Association to deliver an annual 2-day conference on behalf of the Chief of Air Staff.  The CAS’ Air and Space Power Conference is attended by international military and political leaders, heads of industry and leading academics, many of whom deliver keynote addresses and/or take part in panel discussions.  The Conference is live-streamed across RAF Stations and overseas locations, and interactive tools are available via Force Development Squadrons.

Air and Space Power Association – CAS’ Air and Space Power Conference

Academic Prizes

A number of academic prizes are awarded by RAF CASPS each year:

  •  The Gordon Shephard Memorial Prize – awarded to the RAF serviceperson who writes the best essay on an air power topic.
  • The Salmond Prize – awarded to the civilian or non-RAF serviceperson who writes the best essay on an air power topic.
  • The CAS Fellows’ Prize – awarded to the CAS fellow who has contributed the most to the study and promotion of air power.
  • The Air Power Defence Research Paper (DRP) prize – awarded to the Advanced Command and Staff College student who attains the highest grade in their DRP.
  • The Two Air Forces Award – awarded to the serving officer or airperson who writes the most significant article of the year on an aspect of RAF History.  Selected by the RAF Historical Society.

For more information on previous prize winners and how to submit an entry, please contact us.

CAS’ Fellowships

The CAS' Fellowships are RAF-sponsored full and part-time post-graduate fellowships, aimed at generating focussed research papers on an air power-related topic and developing the intellectual capital of the RAF.

There is a fellowship to suit all members of the RAF, regardless of rank or specialisation.

For more information see 2020DIN07-083 on the Defence Intranet or contact us. 

Example synopses can be found at the link here.


New name for the Royal Air Force Centre for Air and Space Power Studies.

During the RAF’s Air Power Conference 2018, the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier, announced that the Royal Air Force Centre for Air Power Studies would henceforth be known as the ‘Royal Air Force Centre for Air and Space Power Studies (RAF CASPS)’.  This development recognises the leadership role in Space Command and Control that the Secretary of State for Defence has given the RAF on behalf of UK Defence.  The rebranding of RAF CAPS to RAF CASPS therefore aligns more closely the Service’s conceptual component of fighting power with evolving UK Air and Space Power doctrine.  This important step recognises the conceptual shifts already underway and the need to put innovation at the heart of everything we do. Such an approach is vital if the RAF is to maintain its decisive edge and proud reputation for operational success as it emerges as a fully-fledged next generation Air Force.





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