Date Flight Scheduled Check in Notes
16/04/2021 RR2331 1200L 0700L-0900L infoBOARD THROUGH SHUTS @1000L
18/04/2021 RR2301 1200L 0700-0900 infoBOARD THROUGH SHUTS @ 1000L
Date Flight Scheduled Notes
15/04/2021 RR2330 1330L infoCATS
17/04/2021 RR2300 1330L infoCATS

[Last updated 09/02/2021]

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In order to comply with Republic of Cyprus (Roc) legislation, from 1 September 2020 all passengers travelling from Brize Norton to Akrotiri are to have a valid negative test result, conducted within 72 hrs before scheduled departure; children under 12 are exempt. Passengers are to assist movements staff, at check-in, by presenting a valid negative test result along with confirmation of test booking.

From 18 January 2021, all passengers travelling to the UK are to possess a notification of a negative COVID-19 test result, conducted within 72hrs before departure. This requirement applies to all travellers over the age of 11 years. Passengers must also complete the government locater form prior to travelling.

Wearing of face coverings by passengers on military air transport aircraft

The UK Government has directed, from 15 June, that all passengers using public transport are to wear a face covering. This applies to passengers on MOD flights.

All passengers must have a face covering when they report for their flight, and must be worn when boarding the aircraft.

You and the driver must also wear a face covering if you are transported in a MOD provided vehicle.

Children under the age of 11 don't have to wear a face covering on public transport, including MOD flights.

Face coverings must cover the nose and mouth. Scarves, head overs, and homemade coverings are acceptable.

Additional information is available via Defence Advice Note 19 (MODNET) and on the GOV.UK website.

Latest information

Flight timings can change at short notice due to unforeseen operational reasons. Changes to flight times, significant delays, and cancellations are published above.

Passengers are advised to contact the Air Terminal on 00357 2527 6599 before starting their journey. You must have your Itinerary Confirmation Number to hand.


The usual weekly schedule is:

Brize Norton to Akrotiri - Wednesday and Saturdays.

Akrotiri to Brize Norton - Thursday and Sundays.

Flight bookings

Service personnel, Civil Servant, and dependants assigned to Cyprus are to book flights through the DSCOM (Defence Supply Chain Operations and Movements) Families Section. 

For other duty (including courses, postings, detachments, medical appointments) and concessionary flights, the primary means of booking seats on the Cyprus Air Trooping Service (CATS), is through the Joint Booking Centre site on the RAF Akrotiri MODNET SharePoint. 

Passengers should complete a duty or concessionary flight application (from MODNET) and submit to the JBC online. (Select the Flight Application Link on the Joint Booking Centre MODNET page to access the British Forces Cyprus page with links to the application process and instructions.)

Once processed, passengers booking a duty flight will receive a Flight Itinerary Confirmation Number. Passengers are reminded to check that all information on the itinerary is correct and up to date. Passengers that do not have access to MODNET should contact the JBC for advice.

If you don't receive your confirmation within 48 hours of booking, call the Joint Booking Centre on (number above). For out of hours, please call the Terminal on 00357 2527 6599.

Any issues with this should be directed to the Joint Booking Centre.

Phone: 00357 2527 6226

Opening times: Monday to Thursday, 8am to 3pm (local time), and Friday, 8am to 1:30pm (local time)

Itinerary Confirmation Number

All passengers should receive a Itinerary Confirmation Number All the information regarding flight itinerary and baggage allowance will be quoted on the PIT (Passenger Itinerary).

Please contact your booking office if you have not been informed of your baggage allowance or latest reporting time (the latest reporting time is the time that check in closes unless advised differently). 

Concessionary travel

COVID-19 update: Until further notice concessionary travel to RAF Akrotiri for non BFC based personnel will not be authorised.

Service personnel, MOD civil servants, and their immediate family (spouses and dependent children) are entitled to concessionary travel.

Those applying for concessionary travel are reminded that this is offered to entitled passengers on a space available basis. Bookings cannot be guaranteed until all duty passengers have checked in.

  • Concessionary travel from RAF Akrotiri to RAF Brize Norton is currently €50
  • Concessionary travel from RAF Brize Norton to RAF Akrotiri is £40
  • Children under two years old travel for free

Rates can change, so always check the current rate.

Please pay by cash (Euros). Debit/credit card payments are also accepted, but these take longer to process.

Apply for concessionary travel

Complete the online Concessionary Application form on Sharepoint (only accessible with a MODNET computer).

Note: the RAF FORM 2768/IND (Rev 10/10) is no longer accepted. Applications on this form will be rejected.

Please follow these points to ensure you correctly complete the form and avoid delays:  

  • Personnel can only apply for themselves and their dependents
  • Submit more than one application if the journey and passenger details differ, i.e. two passengers outbound, but only one passenger returning
  • Ensure you enter a departure and arrival airport
  • Check you have completed all fields in the form
  • Enter your Unit address (to confirm the Z code), not your personal / home address
  • Applications must be authorised by a Warrant Officer or above. Only OF-3 and above can self-authorise
  • You don't need someone in BFC to sponsor your application - the 'Sponsor' relates to the authoriser (WO or above)

Amendments or cancellations

Please confirm any changes to an application in writing to this email:

What happens next

Although we accept bookings three months in advance, they are held on file until the flights become available on the booking system. This means that after your application has been received the next time you will hear from the JBC will be to receive your itinerary confirmation.

Please only contact the JBC to chase your booking if you have not received confirmation three weeks before your flight date.

You will only be booked to one flight. Please do not apply for a range of dates.

If you are not called forward for your requested flight and wish to try an alternative date, you will need to email your request to the multiuser -

Chances of a successful concessionary travel application

Duty flights are booked until the date of travel. This makes it impossible to predict the probability of a successful concessionary travel application in advance.

Concessionary travel applicants must contact the JBC concessionary travel clerk on Civil +357 2527 6741 the last working day before travel to confirm if they have been successfully called forward.

Prioritising of concessionary applications

If a flight is busy and a priority list required, it is based purely on the Date of Joining (when the application was submitted) and the Z code (priority category). No other information will affect the priority of your booking. 

  • Z1/2 - Compassionate 
  • Z4 - BFC based personnel
  • Z6 - Sports, Exped/AT
  • Z7 - UK based personnel

Passports and visas

All passengers must carry a full and valid passport.

Passports issued in a different name to the flight booking will need the passenger to provide evidence of the name difference. For example a marriage certificate or deed poll certificate.

Operational, exercise and unit moves:

Guidance on travel documentation requirements should be contained within movement directives, instructions or orders.

Coming to RAF Akrotiri

Allow sufficient travelling time to RAF Akrotiri for any problems that may occur en-route.

Passengers should allow extra time for processing through the main gate security control.

Passengers will need either an ID Card or a Visitors pass in order to access the station 


Passengers can park in the Air Terminal's long stay carpark whilst in the UK.

Please fill out a parking ticket at the Terminal office, and leave the ticket on your dashboard.

Checking in

Check In closes 2 hours, 30 minutes before the aircraft is due to depart and usually open from 4 hours and 30 minutes before departure.

This allow for the completion of all mandatory documentation, including accurate passenger numbers and baggage weights.

Timings do change for operational reasons and passengers should check the flight schedule (above) 24 hours before travelling and again 5 hours before the scheduled departure.

We will not check in passengers unless they report to the Air Terminal in person. This includes family members and children.

All passengers must arrive prior to the flight check closing time published above. You will be refused travel if you fail to check in for your flight by the latest check in time.

Pregnancy and passengers with existing medical conditions

Pregnancy and passengers with an existing medical condition may be refused travel when they report for a flight if they don’t have a fit to fly certificate from a medical practitioner. Pregnant women require a doctors letter when travelling between the 28th and 36th week pregnancy.

What to do if delayed

Phone the Air Movements Staff as soon as possible if you are delayed to the Air Terminal for any reason: 00357 2527 6599.

Early check in

Due to COVID-19 measures within the Terminal, there will be no early check-in facility until further notice. Up to date check in times can be found in the departures section.


Personal belongings that include engineering equipment, household goods such as TV’s, desktop PCs and outsized items are not permitted and must be shipped as concessionary freight.

Only Accompanied Air Baggage is permitted. Accompanied Air Baggage is defined as suitcases and bags holding a passenger’s personal belongings limited to items such as clothing, footwear, toiletries, books and personal portable electronic devices such as iPods, hand held game consoles and laptop computers.

A passenger’s personal belongings that include engineering equipment, household goods such as TVs, desktop PCs and outsized items are not permitted and must be shipped as concessionary freight.

Baggage allowances

Your baggage allowance is shown on your booking confirmation. It varies based on the purpose of your travel.

Baggage allowance is limited at 20kgs for concessionary passengers (including sports equipment and bikes).

Hold baggage

  • Max. weight: 32kgs per bag / item
  • Must not exceed dimensions: 100cm X 60cm X 45cm

Cabin (hand) baggage

Hand baggage Dimensions are: Max weight 9kgs, Height 56cm, Width 45cm, Depth 20cm due to the overhead storage limitations.

Duty free allowance

Entitled personnel passengers with a ration card can take 1 weeks’ worth of duty free goods on the Cyprus Air Trooping Service: 200 cigarettes or 100 small cigars or 50 cigars or 250g of rolling tobacco, plus 1 litre of spirits. Only passengers that possess a ration card are entitled to duty free goods regardless of quantities. Any duty free items in the possession of passengers without a ration card or in excess of the above limits will be seized by Customs.

Entitled and non-entitled passengers can only take a limited amount of duty paid goods back to the UK; these limits are 200 cigarettes or 100 small cigars or 50 cigars or 250g of rolling tobacco, plus 4 litres of spirits or 9 litres of sparkling wine. Passengers may also take up to 42 litres of beer or 18 litres of still wine.   

Further Customs guidance is available at Sovereign Base Areas Administration, or phone the SBA Customs Office, Akrotiri: 00 357 2527 6762.

Bikes and sports equipment

To enable sports teams and individuals to travel with their equipment conditions apply as detailed in JSP 800, Volume 2, Part 2, Chapter 6, Paragraph 5.

You need prior authorisation to travel with a bike. Authorisation is granted by the Joint Booking Centre at the time of flight booking and added as a remark on your booking confirmation.

If authorisation is granted it will be deducted from your overall baggage allowance / entitlement.

Bikes must be well packed in a bike box or bag as there is no liability for any damage caused.

If space on the flight becomes critical the bike will be offloaded first and the passenger will be responsible for making arrangements for the bike's removal from RAF Akrotiri's Air Terminal.

Drinking water

You can take water through security in sealable containers.

Passengers are advised to bring their own water to check in as you may be required to queue outside for a short time.

Once you have passed through security, there is free water available in the Departure Lounge.

Laptops, power banks, and electrical products

You will not need to take out electrical products (including laptops and tablets) from your carry-on baggage for security checks.

However, service laptops will need to be removed and presented to the security staff with the appropriate paperwork.

Power banks are only permitted if carried on your person. They cannot be packed in hold baggage for safety reasons, and it must not be more than 100 w/h on the watt hour rating.

E-cigarettes and vaping products

E-cigarettes and vaping pens are only permitted if carried on your person. They cannot be packed in hold baggage.

It is forbidden to use e-cigarettes and vaping products on board the aircraft.

Travelling children

Child seats

Infants under the age of 2 years can sit in a child seat or on an adult's lap using a seat belt extension provided by the aircraft crew.

Children between the ages of 2 to 3 years can sit in a child seat or directly on the aircraft seat.

All child seats are provided by the passenger. The Terminal does not hold any child seats to loan.

Child seats must fit between the plane seats arm rests (max width 42.5cm) and be securable using the seat lap belt.

Child seats that require a three point harness or a rigid anchorage will not be permitted in the aircraft cabin and must be carried in the hold.

Push chairs

Push chairs must be checked in with other hold baggage. Please make Check In staff aware that you have a push chair.

They can loan you a push chair that can be left at the aircraft steps before departure. Please inform the Movement’s staff if you do this.

Children travelling alone

Aged 16-17 years 

During the period 4 November 2019 to 3 September 2021 inclusive, minors aged 16-17 inclusive are permitted to travel unescorted on military air transport. This is subject to parental authority being given on the relevant proforma.

Parents must also ensure that their child travels with the means to access money and supplies should there be a requirement for an unscheduled overnight hotel stay.

Aged under 16 years

A dependant under 16 years old is viewed by the MOD as a minor.

Minors travelling without their parent or guardian must travel with escorted minor paperwork and a nominated escort.

Parents or guardians are responsible for arranging the escort. They must nominate an adult.

The escorted minor form is available from the JBC MODNET Site; this should be completed at the time of your flight application.

Travelling with a child with a different family name

We recommend parents and guardians carry a copy of the birth or adoption certificate as evidence of the relationship.

Without such evidence, the immigration officer may need to talk to the parents or guardians and children, depending on their age, to confirm the relationship.

The GOV.UK website has the latest guidance on getting permission to take a child abroad.

Air Terminal facilities 

These are available for passengers in the Departure Lounges:

  • Coffee shop selling hot drinks, cold snacks and duty free items
  • Outside terrace
  • Toilets
  • Use of telephone if required in an emergency
  • Drinks vending machines
  • Water fountain
  • Children's play area, soft play area, and cinema
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Comfortable breast feeding area
  • BFBS TV, PlayStation consoles and games
  • Book library and quiet area
  • Free WiFi


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